Everything you do makes a statement.

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Tell me about you. We hear that all the time. Our first answers are usually gender, occupation, hometown, school, major. But what is your brand? Who are you at your core? Not who you want to be or who your mother thinks you are … but who you truly are in all situations. Your brand has a color and a font, a look and a feel. Can your brand be expressed in a word or a sentence, a quote, lyric or just an image?

These are Elevator Images. Personal Branding statements created by students at Miami University. Many of these students use their Elevator Images to support their job searches. We hope these inspire you to create yours… and share them with us.

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A creative manifesto is a public declaration of a student’s creative beliefs and intent to move forward living a life of creativity. Students are asked to express their creativity manifesto in personal ways that connect with their passions.